At the mercy of Google when all my data (Google Apps) is in the cloud:

Gmail Error 500 Code 93
It has been down for the last 3 hours and I can't do any work. Furthermore, when trying to report a problem:
Google Groups - Error #463
Edit - update: confirmed:
Google Apps down (April 17, 2012)

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I believe Netflix is currently down ... it has been down since 5pm. At first, I thought I forgot my password, then when I clicked the "Forgot password" link, it sent me an e-mail with a link that took me back to this page again. I called the hotline +1 (877) 499-4427 and they said they are currently experiencing "problems with website and video streaming". Oh well.

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This is definitely the funniest race start fail ever! LOL


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I'm back! It has been a while since I updated this blog, so I'm going to continue writing whatever comes to mind. I've submitted my resignation from the company that I currently work for. It's sad to leave a great company with great people to work with, but I have an upcoming project that has already been paid for in advance. I'm going to continue as a freelance web developer and also develop babygekko's CMS. We'll see where things will develop from here.

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Well worth it for this useful little proggie - only $10.00

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Wishing everyone a happy & safe holiday!

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Coolest stuff I've seen in Chile. I filmed this video 3 years ago and just come accross it in Val Paraiso. Awesome street acrobat performers. Hats off!

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I am moving back to Canada by January 2008 and I have to start selling my stuff before Christmas. Among other things is my car - a black, 4-door, 2000cc Mitsubishi Eterna 1990 with 17inch racing tires. The odometer reads 200,589 kms as of today. I'm still using the car so expect a few more kilometres by the time you see it. I've had this car since March 2006 and got the engine all fixed (I spent Rp. 15,000,000 to get it all fixed). I've replaced all the four tires with new Bridgestone in 2006 and the engine condition is still excellent as well. The only thing is that I've crashed the rear bumper against a wall in a Canggu (the street light was turned off) and there's a dent there. Mitsubishi Eterna is a runner, as pointed in this article (scroll down until you find The Mitsubishi Escort Car). It's a fast car and fun to ride. I'm selling this beautiful Eterna for Rp. 38,000,000 (± USD 4,170). Please e-mail me your offer and if you want to make an appointment, please call (0361) 789-5853 first. I'm located in Kuta - just 5 minutes walking distance from Warung Nikmat and Dewa Fitness. As always - First come first serve, but the best offer gets the goods!

Mitsubishi Eterna 1990

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This is the beginning of Prana's blog. I will be mainly writing about web design, software, Apple, and other day to day stuff here. Back in July, I tried to come up with several ideas to mark the day that this blog is opened. Having gone through a few options, I finally decided to engrave my white Macbook for the blog opening. However, it's very hard to find a company in Bali that would (and could) engrave my little Macbook, as it is made of polycarbonate. They said that if it were made of aluminiums like the Macbook Pro, it would've been a lot easier. I have asked around to several companies in Bali here and noone would take it because they fear they would damage this baby. Anyway, I had to go to Singapore for a business trip last month, and I went to the place where I had my last laptop engraved 2 years ago. The old Singaporean guy did a good job for my old BenQ Joybook 7000, but I wasn't so sure if he could do it again for this Macbook due to its material. So I walked in and after a few minutes looking at it, the guy said "No problem". I picked the letters, and voila he did it within less than 45 minutes! He charged me SGD 30.00 (± USD 20) - the same price he charged me 2 years ago. He still remembers me too! I was so happy with the result and just want to share this with you all. The place is called Sing Hee, #01-45 Brash Basah Complex, Singapore. Phone: +65-6337-0732. Don't judge the store by its appearance. It may look like a junkyard but the old Singaporean guy who owns it knows what he's doing. I've walked in to a few other stores in Singapore and Bali and they look more upscale but they couldn't do what this guy did. Check out my engraved Macbook now:

Engraved Macbook (white)

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Scam text message from +1 (604) 339-2192

Today I got a scam text message from +1 (604) 339-2192, telling me to deposit email money transfer

Disable free SSL from CPanel

Recently, CPanel has been providing domain validated SSL certificate for free. However, it is quite

Windows 2012 Server RC Evaluation ISO direct link

I've been wanting to download the latest version of Windows 2012 but for some reasons I keep getting

Scam from (claiming to be BestBuy) sent by (917) 690-6874

This morning I received a scam spam message from (917) 690-6874. Becareful because this is not a

Oracle VM Server on Lenovo W520 with i7-2860QM and 32GB RAM, 1.5TB RAID

I've been curious about Oracle VM Server and wanted to try it for my own home lab. I've had the

Ubuntu 12.04 on Lenovo W520 with Intel RAID - don't waste your time

I think Ubuntu 12.04 is a big failure. It's unstable and buggy to the point where I think it just

iOS 6 - How to get turn-by-turn navigation for older iPhone (3G, 4)

iOS 6 - How to get Siri and turn-by-turn navigation for older iPhone (3G, 4): Sell your old iPhone

Bitrig - copycat of OpenBSD

Another day and yet another open source project got forked. Bitrig has decided to copycat OpenBSD&nb

Mobile Vendor Trend - 2012

What Google Trends is telling you:

GMail - Temporary Error (500) - Numeric Code 93

At the mercy of Google when all my data (Google Apps) is in the cloud:It has been down for the last

Drive Genius 3 - Defrag Failed

I'm one of the folks who bought MacUpdate Spring 2012 Bundle, which includes Drive Genius 3. I've

Netflix has been down for several hours (November 27, 2011)

I believe Netflix is currently down ... it has been down since 5pm. At first, I thought I forgot

How to install CentOS 6 from a USB drive with UNetbootin

I believe I'm one of the poor souls who tried to install CentOS 6 64-bit on a laptop with no DVD

Funniest Race Start Fail Ever!

This is definitely the funniest race start fail ever! LOL  

Simple Bash Script to use OS X 10.4 as a firewall

There was an unused Apple desktop machine running OS X 10.4 sitting around, so I decided to use