Improving work efficiency in UNIX command line

If you find yourself confused with distinguishing directory & file listing in UNIX, you're not alone. I remember when I first installed of Redhat 5.2 in 1998, I got confused with distinguishing file and directory after ls command. It took me a while to find out that the good news is: it is configurable with color-coded directory listing for easier reading and usability if you're a heavy command line user. The second thing is finding where exactly I am located in the current directory without typing pwd all the time. OS X Terminal with a cool BASH promptSo here's a little step that you can to do to improve your working efficiency in UNIX command line:
  1. Edit /etc/bashrc and add alias ls="ls -laFG" to make directory listing colored
  2. For the command prompt, add the following command: if [ -n "$PS1" ]; then PS1='nu@e[31;1m[w]33[0mn$ '; fi
Category:  Apple OS X