Noticeable Finder improvement in OS X Leopard 10.5

I've finally purchased OS X Leopard 10.5 and I believe the improvement increases my efficiency working with files than in OS X Tiger 10.4. The first improvement that I'm particularly impressed with is the Columns view in Finder. Even with Tiger, I've always liked Finder's ability to navigate my folders in one click and see the content of the upper directories on the left column. The only quirk is that there is no way I could arrange the sort order by Kind so I can easily see folders sorted on top. I am also surprised, however, that Finder sorts the filename kind by its alphabetical definition of the filetype without placing folder on top. For example: a folder called Library (File type: Folder) will still be placed below (File type: Document) as you can see above. I find it easier to navigate with KDE File Manager or Windows Explorer where folder is always sorted on top. I am disappointed, however, that, the Open Dialog still has no configurable options to sort by Kind. I'm used to seeing folders on top in Windows, KDE, or GNOME environment. This lack of option in OS X oftentimes slows down my day-to-day operation with files. I hope that the next release of OS X address this issue. OS X Open File Dialog Another improvement over Tiger is the Path Bar (breadcrumb) as you can see below. I've always find it difficult to see folders within folders before Leopard comes out, there has never been a path bar (only shown during Spotlight search result) except the Path button on top, which was really quirky. Although the placement of the Path Bar (inconsistent to where address bar should be) is at the bottom of the window, this is still a very much welcomed improvement. I found it difficult working with nested folders in Tiger as I couldn't see which directory I'm located then. OS X Finder Column View
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