The Beginning

This is the beginning of Prana's blog. I will be mainly writing about web design, software, Apple, and other day to day stuff here. Back in July, I tried to come up with several ideas to mark the day that this blog is opened. Having gone through a few options, I finally decided to engrave my white Macbook for the blog opening. However, it's very hard to find a company in Bali that would (and could) engrave my little Macbook, as it is made of polycarbonate. They said that if it were made of aluminiums like the Macbook Pro, it would've been a lot easier. I have asked around to several companies in Bali here and noone would take it because they fear they would damage this baby. Anyway, I had to go to Singapore for a business trip last month, and I went to the place where I had my last laptop engraved 2 years ago. The old Singaporean guy did a good job for my old BenQ Joybook 7000, but I wasn't so sure if he could do it again for this Macbook due to its material. So I walked in and after a few minutes looking at it, the guy said "No problem". I picked the letters, and voila he did it within less than 45 minutes! He charged me SGD 30.00 (± USD 20) - the same price he charged me 2 years ago. He still remembers me too! I was so happy with the result and just want to share this with you all. The place is called Sing Hee, #01-45 Brash Basah Complex, Singapore. Phone: +65-6337-0732. Don't judge the store by its appearance. It may look like a junkyard but the old Singaporean guy who owns it knows what he's doing. I've walked in to a few other stores in Singapore and Bali and they look more upscale but they couldn't do what this guy did. Check out my engraved Macbook now:

Engraved Macbook (white)

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