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Scrolling the screen in Assembly language back in the old 386 da

Mov CX,Scx
Mov DX,Sdx
Add DX,Y
Add CX,X
Mov Scx,CX
Mov Sdx,DX
Mov AX,04F07H
Int 10H

I was just looking at my old files .. Mwahahahhahah .. calling interrupt 10 .. poof. Whatever I wrote 12 years ago doesn't work in my Intel Core 2 Duo anymore.  It was 386, then 486 .. now it's Core-Quad or whatever.

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mirC 50% off coupon

Well worth it for this useful little proggie - only $10.00

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YUI javascript date picker – Gekko Date Picker

I've been trying to find a good date picker based on YUI for my web projects but haven't found any that meets the simplistic requirement - without having to attach it to events and whatnot. So I decided to made one for myself based on this:


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Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a happy & safe holiday!

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I can watch Bloomberg on Mac OS X!

I can finally watch Bloomberg on OS X with only Quicktime & Flip4Mac installed, and the audio is working!. No need to run the old Windows Media Player 9 anymore.

Bloomberg TV

Just open this link with Quicktime:

Bloomberg TV for Mac OS X

What's the catch? This is the stream from Hong Kong (Bloomberg Asia) :) The content is exactly the same, but you'll get different advertisements every now and then. At least you don't need to run a 6-years old WMP9 with Rosetta.

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Press '9' now to get your Free Carribean Cruise!

This is only my 3rd week in Canada, but I've been getting several phone calls from a US listed number and everytime I pick up an automated female voice says "Congratulations! You've just won a cruise to the Carribean! To claim your prize, please press the 9 key!"Obviously it's a scam... and just so you know the phone numbers are:
  • 1-702-466-3253 (Nevada)
  • 1-856-676-0951 (New Jersey)
  • 1-201-210-6106 (New Jersey)
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Firefox 3 Beta 4 on Mac OS X, first impression

I've just downloaded Firefox 3 Beta 4 on my Mac and Windows machines and tried it out. First impression is fantastic but not without a caveat. First of all, all of the Firefox add-ons from version 2.0.0.x don't work at all.

Firefox 3 Beta 4 Add-ons incompatibility

Secondly, Firefox 3 Beta 4 in OS X does some strange rendering. It doesn't render one of my clients' website correctly in OS X but it looks normal in Windows. If you take a look at the screenshot below, the Contact Us text is rendered just below the cyan box. This doesn't happen on Firefox 2.0.0.x in OS X. Firefox 3 Beta 4 OS X rendering bug Compare this with the Windows rendering, which is identical to v2.0.0.x rendering.Firefox 3 Beta 4 Windows rendering Other than that, general browsing does feel faster. It uses OS X form controls - which is a bit disadvantage for me because everytime I want to check what it looks like on Windows I'll have to go back to Windows again.
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Street acrobat in Chile

Coolest stuff I've seen in Chile. I filmed this video 3 years ago and just come accross it in Val Paraiso. Awesome street acrobat performers. Hats off!

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Selecting dialog buttons with TAB in OS X

I'm the kind of guy who prefers typing with a keyboard than clicking and moving a mouse to do things. Another minor annoyances is OS X disables the Tab button by default for selecting buttons (OK, Cancel) in a dialog. If you're a typer and not a clicker, you may find that enabling All Controls option in System Preferences => Keyboard & Mouse makes your keyboard operation more efficient.
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Improving work efficiency in UNIX command line

If you find yourself confused with distinguishing directory & file listing in UNIX, you're not alone. I remember when I first installed of Redhat 5.2 in 1998, I got confused with distinguishing file and directory after ls command. It took me a while to find out that the good news is: it is configurable with color-coded directory listing for easier reading and usability if you're a heavy command line user. The second thing is finding where exactly I am located in the current directory without typing pwd all the time. OS X Terminal with a cool BASH promptSo here's a little step that you can to do to improve your working efficiency in UNIX command line:
  1. Edit /etc/bashrc and add alias ls="ls -laFG" to make directory listing colored
  2. For the command prompt, add the following command: if [ -n "$PS1" ]; then PS1='nu@e[31;1m[w]33[0mn$ '; fi
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